Dear Participants,

The "28th International Congress on Creative Drama in Education " organized every year by Contemporary Drama Association will be held in Antalya, between 23-26 November 2017. As a Turkish drama world, we are very excited and honoured to host you in this important congress.

The theme of the congress is designated as “CIRCLE” in order to argue and evaluate once again each topic related to human, society, life, especially the concepts of solidarity, democratic culture, freedom, justice and equity on drama, theatre, education and interrelations platform.

The Congress's scientific program will include workshops where many respected leaders from our country and the world are involved, scientific sessions where participants can present their oral presentations and their work.

We look forward to seeing all of our participants at the 28th International Congress on Creative Drama in Education, where we are especially striving to make this the most impressive meeting of 2017

Prof. Younes Lindgren

Prof. Dr. Ömer ADIGÜZEL

Ankara University

Congress Themes

In a world where globalization increases day by day, the need grows for understandings like solidarity, democratic culture, freedom, justice, equality, and respect. As theatre and drama people, we believe that we must stand from an equal point to everybody and maintain solidarity among each other, which is why we have determined the theme “Circle for a fair World”.

The “Circle” brings a great opportunity for improvement in democratic attitude and behavior by giving the understanding that everyone stands equally from one another. For the Circle or Circles created with our fair labor and grow with our efforts and in time encompasses humanity and the world.

Since the birth of mankind, it is possible to observe forms of Circles in all of the human actions. Especially during childhood, the circle grows so much that a large circle containing almost everybody is created. With the increase of age, different circles from before are formed based on the basic actions of individuals.

Anatolia the cradle of civilizations, where our event shall take place, has earned its title from the migration and intercultural interactions which we shall touch upon and discuss at our event. Interculturalism is formed by different communities getting to know each other and finalizes with a blending of the cultures. “Art is hidden under a small pinch of grass for those who know its secret. Those who do not know this secret will think that it is a mountain” is an anonymous saying which was formed as a result of interculturalism in this region and expresses that art is everywhere.

A big circle of the world’s drama and theatre people shall be formed in Ankara. At our congress, the relation between theatre, drama, and education shall be examined, “Circle for a fair World” themed workshops, papers, academic and theatre performance programs such as special interest groups shall give place to entitled studies such as:

  • Cultural interaction, immigration, and contiguity,
  • Social life policies and human relations,
  • To belong, to be in or out,
  • To form creative drama circles in education, ( Pre-school Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, License and Master’s Degree)
  • To form creative drama circles in culture and art.
  • Theatre
  • To form drama circle in sport,
  • A life without circles.

We are looking forward to seeing your work.

Come on! To the Circle!


Scientific Committee


Ali Öztürk, Turkey

Ayşe Çakır İlhan, Turkey

Ayşe Okvuran, Turkey

Bülent Sezgin, Turkey 

Carmel O’sullivan, Ireland 

Charru Sharma, USA 

Fatma Akfırat, Turkey

Fehime Nihal Kuyumcu, Turkey 

Ferah Burgul Adıgüzel, Turkey

Gerd Koch, Germany

Helen Nicholson, UK

İnci San, Turkey

Jenny Hughes, UK

Joelle Aden, France

Lucilia Valente, Portugal 

Murtaza Aykaç, Turkey

Mustafa Sever, Turkey 

Müge Artar, Turkey

Nami Eren Beştepe, Turkey 

Necdet Aykaç, Turkey

O. Nejat Akfırat, Turkey

Oylum Akkuş İspir, USA 

Ömer Adıgüzel, Turkey

Pamela Bowell, UK

Pınar Özdemir Şimşek, Turkey

Selen Korad Birkiye, Turkey

Yaşare Aktaş Arnas, Turkey 


Key Information

"28th International Congress on Creative Drama in Education "

Antalya, Turkey, 23-26 November 2017

Congress Theme


Congress Languages

The official languages of the 28th International Congress on Creative Drama in Education are Turkish / English.

Exhibition Area

Convenient spaces will be available for the exhibitors at the Venue.

Invitation Letter

Official letters of invitation can be printed from the online registration system after the registration procedure is completed. The organizing office may ask for the registration payment.